Wednesday 25 Nov 2015

QR Codes

What QR code services do we provide?

QR Codes are popping up everywhere. The more they appear, the more your audience will be familiar with them and possibly use them. Usage rates are still very low, so we recommend always including a text option along with a QR Code.

We provide a QR Code platform that allows you to create Mobile Websites that look great on over 350 different mobile devices. Associated with each mobile webpage is a QR Code generator so you can create, print and save the QR Code image that is associated with the mobile webpage.

How does your audience use QR Codes?

They see a QR symbol, perhaps on a wall label, brochure or ad, scan it with their Smartphone, and it takes the user to a specific webpage.

How do you create?

We set up a QR Code platform and mobile web builder for you. Then you create your “landing page” where the QR Code, once scanned, will deliver the user.

In under an hour you can begin creating QR Codes that go to mobile webpages.


There are free QR Code generators on the web. We are not competing with those services. We provide not only the QR code but the web location that the person lands on once the QR Code is scanned. That is the critical component. If a person scans a QR Code and it takes them to a page that is difficult to read or slow to load, the experience is not good.

We also provide great tracking so you can analyze statistics on what pages were hit at what time of day.

QR Code ideas and examples

Fort Mason, an outdoor venue in San Francisco, recently launched an exhibition and included QR Codes and text messaging on their signs.

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