Wednesday 25 Nov 2015

Cell Phone Audio Guide with unlimited Prompts, 1 Year Subscription

The Cell Phone Audio Guide service from Guide by Cell allows an organization to record an interactive audio tour for visitors to access with their mobile phones. The organization records a series of audio prompts that visitors can listen to by calling in to the audio guide phone number and entering the specific prompt number for each stop in the tour.

This donation provides a subscription for one Cell Phone Audio Guide with unlimited prompt numbers for a period of one year. Current and previous Guide by Cell customers are not eligible for this offer unless they obtained the original subscription through TechSoup.

Benefits for Organizations

You can use a Cell Phone Audio Guide to:

  • Increase engagement by sharing information with visitors in an interactive format through a mobile device
  • Save money by providing an interactive tour without any additional equipment or tour guides

Major Capabilities

  • Web-based interface: You can manage and make changes to your audio tour through the Guide by Cell website.
  • Recording options: Your employees or volunteers can create listening prompts for visitors. The audio prompts can be created over the phone or recorded and uploaded through the Guide by Cell website.
  • Guided account setup: You’ll receive a training call from Guide by Cell to set up your account.
  • Feedback: You can allow visitors to dial in and leave voice feedback for your tour or exhibit. You can also repurpose comments back into your audio tour so that visitors can hear other opinions.

Read more about what you can do with Cell Phone Audio Guides.

As a qualified non-profit organization you will receive  30% off your purchase of an annual plan.

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