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Our Primary Solutions

Mobile Sales Support

Audio Guides

Bring your exhibitions to life with our cell phone audio guides. Visitors can listen using their own mobile devices.  
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Mobile Sales Support

Text Messaging

Visitors can ask questions, play a scavenger hunt or receive late breaking news through our text messaging platform.  
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Mobile Sales Support

Smartphone Tours

Create mobile tours or apps using our platform to create an interactive, rich visitor experience.  
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Mobile Sales Support

Mobile Fundraising

Turn your visitors into donors. Guests can donate through their mobile phones using our platform during their tour.  
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Mobile Sales Support

Augmented Reality

Visitors can Instant access interactive content simply by pointing their mobile phone at an exhibit.  
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Benefits of Our Solutions



Use mobile tours or audio guides to educate guests throughout their visit.  Read More



Keep visitors informed with venue information through two-way chatting.  Read More


Visitor Engagement

Engage guests of all ages with games, selfies, or text alerts.  Read More



Raise donations and increase your donor pool through mobile fundraising.  Read More

Case Studies: See Our Products In Action

We work with thousands of clients in many different sectors ranging from zoos to cemeteries and from parks to museums.

Check out some of our clients and their success stories.

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Guide by Cell Will Develop Your Content
Creating an engaging, immersive and enlightening experience for visitors is difficult and time-consuming. But when done right, it will greatly enrich your visitors’ experience.  Read More
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A Creative Smorgasbord
Guide by Cell clients have gotten very creative with their use of our Mobile Web Authoring Platform to create rich and engaging visitor experiences. Here are some of our favorites.  Read More