A Creative Smorgasbord

Guide by Cell clients have gotten very creative with their use of our Mobile Web Authoring Platform to create rich and engaging visitor experiences. Here are some of our favorites. To view the tours, simply text the keyword “GALLERY” to 56512. What kind of tour would you like your cultural institution to build?

Take the tour!

Not Just Another Audio Tour Company

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Museum audio tours have been around for decades, but there are many more tools available at your disposal that don’t require museums to purchase any hardware. Guide by Cell’s industry-leading visitor engagement technology—our Mobile Web Authoring platform and Text Messaging service—require only your visitors’ mobile devices.

The vast majority of visitors carry smartphones at all times. Many prefer to experience your museum on their own terms rather than following a tour or reading placards on a wall. You can create a rich and engaging interactive experience in minutes using Guide by Cell’s Mobile Web Authoring Platform.

You can create a self-guided tour that visitors can access by navigating with their smartphones. Share videos, audio recordings and images, quiz visitors on what they’ve learned. The smartphone tours are easy to use and don’t require any downloads.

The tours can be accessed by texting a personalized keyword to our shortcode or scanning a QR code. And you have the ability to learn about your most and least popular exhibits through real-time user analytics, allowing you to alter your content, your tour or exhibits.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With Guide by Cell, you can communicate with visitors and members not just during, but before or after their visit. After they opt in to receive text messages, you can communicate with groups of people or individuals. Update them on special events and fundraisers, invite them to participate in scavenger hunts and submit feedback, and reach younger visitors who prefer communicating by text message rather than email, which we know often gets lost or routed to the spam folder.

We can get you up-and-running in as quickly as one day, and there’s no need to involve your IT department. Guide by Cell services are easy to maintain and manage; anyone can do it.

Find out how Guide by Cell can help your cultural institution engage with visitors and create a better experience for visitors. Sign up for a FREE 20-minute demo with one of our mobile engagement experts. Call us at 415-615-0150 or email [email protected].

Museums in the New Golden Age

museums in the new golden age, museums

Museums have entered an age where patrons expect to learn in more ways beyond what is printed on a card next to an exhibit. Fortunately, cheap or free mobile technology is now also available to visitors of cultural institutions worldwide. Demand and supply happily coexist.

Cultural institutions are investing in technologies to make the museum experience more interactive for visitors. Museums also benefit, because by interacting with visitors on the platforms that matter most to them, they become more discoverable. Giving visitors the ability to share their experiences on social media will also increase the reach of cultural institutions.

The question becomes how best to tell compelling stories about the cultural institutions and their exhibits, and using those stories to drive attendance and engagement. Read this infographic, brought to you by Guide by Cell, about how some of the biggest museums in the world are using mobile technology to remain relevant.

Call Guide by Cell at 415-615-0150 or email us at [email protected] to find out specifically how mobile tech can improve engagement with your visitors, even without requiring visitors to download any apps.

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