Hear from a Bruce Museum Visitor and Employee

Listen to interviews about the benefits of using Guide by Cell from a museum visitor and employee perspective. Journalist Jerry Kay talks to a local museum-goer, Bob Donnalley, and the Bruce Museum New Media Developer Mary Ann Lendenmann about the ease of using the technology and how it has enhanced the visitor experience.

Find out why museum visitors love tours using Guide by Cell, and why the Bruce Museum uses Guide by Cell services at most of its exhibitions.

“Text-a-Question” Service Launches this Fall

The Brooklyn Museum recently launched an app that allows visitors to ask questions about works of art on display. See how it works here.

It’s a fabulous service and gaining in popularity.

We launched our own version this fall called Text-a-Question. The user does not need to download an app – they simply see a sign suggesting they ask a question through texting. Once they send in their text question, a staff member or even a volunteer (either on site or off site) can answer the question, or get back with a “I’m checking on that for you” response.

Visitors have lots of questions about what they are seeing, and the more they understand and appreciate, the more enjoyable their visit will be. Our new service allows you to offer a level of customer service unheard of in the past.

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Reaching Foreign Language Visitors Increases in Importance

Many of our clients report that a 2016-17 initiative is reaching out to non-English speaking audiences. And using mobile services such as a dial-in audio tour in a non-English language (as used by the New York Botanical Garden) or a smartphone tour in a foreign language (as used by the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery) generate buzz and excitement from these groups that generally struggle with interpreting complicated English written wall text. It’s a great way to bridge language gaps.

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Mobile Web Smartphone Tour Usage Doubles in 2016

The fastest growing interactive tool for museums and cultural organizations is a mobile friendly smartphone tour.

These mobile friendly tours have surpassed apps because they are much less expensive to set up and maintain and visitors prefer clicking a link than downloading an app that they may or may not use again.

Try it now: Text GEORGE to 56512 for a tour of Valley Forge National Park.

Visitors see a small sign, take out their phone, send a text message and instantly a link to a relevant page of content appears on their phone. They can watch a video, listen to audio, read more, see photos, or even take a poll or play a game. It’s a fantastic way to create deeper engagement with your members and/or visitors.

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Young Storytellers in Los Angeles Use Mobile Giving to Create Buzz

Young storytellers in Los Angeles engages creativity through the art of storytelling. Their mission is to inspire young people to discover the power of their own voice in Los Angeles and New York.

Isn’t that really the goal that most of us in the museum and cultural space share?

Every non-profit holds fundraising events, and a growing trend is to insert some very engaging mobile exercises into these events to significantly increase donations and create greater audience participation and awareness.

Young Storytellers approached Guide by Cell’s sister company Give by Cell with such a request. Their event last week was a success. They asked attendees to text in their donation and it instantly appeared on a giant screen with a thermometer racing to the top as pledges poured in.

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Treat Your Visitors to Some New Goodies this Holiday Season

The giant retailers are starting to send out their gorgeous holiday catalogs. So we decided to create our own Holiday Catalog of Visitor Engagement Services for our friends in the museum and cultural world.

Our mobile services include audio guides, apps, GPS tours, smartphone tours, text message games, scavenger hunts, selfie contests and 50 more! And every week we learn of new uses from our 2,500 clients!

Fill out the form below to get the catalog and get inspired to better engage with your visitors by using some of these amazing solutions provided by Guide by Cell. Simply submit in the note section that you’d like a free one. One of our reps will send you the catalog, and see if you’d like to sign up for either a brainstorming session or a free trial of some of these services, too.


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Hidden Ways to Attract a Younger Audience by Using Technology

The No. 1 question we’re asked here is how to get younger people to visit their cultural organization.

Millennials in particular are not visiting as frequently as older generations, or even as much as they did five years ago.

Our findings show the problem is not with the relevance of what you are offering to their lives. The problem is more with the visit itself. The way material is interpreted, the lack of social media engagement throughout the venue, and in general the lack of technology to make the visit fit the way younger people learn and engage is more of the problem. It’s dated and not interactive.

And thankfully, those problems are fairly easy to fix.

At Guide by Cell, we have helped over 5,000 cultural organizations use mobile services to put a dent in that problem, and our clients tell us every day what a significant difference mobile solutions have made.

Free analysis

We are offering a free analysis of your current technologies, with a written summary of quick and inexpensive fixes you can make. Our CEO & Founder, Dave Asheim, has consulted with over 500 cultural venues in the ten years our mobile technology company has been in existence. Dave and the Marketing team at Guide by Cell will interview your team and suggest improvements that will definitely help you attract a younger audience.

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