Improve Your Hospital Visitor Experience with a Mobile Art Tour

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By wpebc  |  Posted March 07, 2007

Hospitals are a rich source of art and culture, helping their patients and families cope with the stress of medical conditions. Many of the country’s leading hospitals turn to Guide by Cell to help create audio and smartphone tours to help bring this art to life.

Hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic and Stanford Health Care have partnered with Guide by Cell to make patients’ and visitors’ experiences more pleasant. Stanford Health Care, a current Guide by Cell client, has a collection of more than 800 pieces of fine art and 3,000 prints. The collection is meant to humanize the hospital environment for patients, families, staff and the community.

Visitors to Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto,CA and to the Cleveland Clinic, also a Guide by Cell client, dial a local phone number and follow prompts to enter exhibit numbers to listen to recorded information. They are then able to leave comments, questions and suggestions. The Cleveland Clinic Art Program’s mission is to enrich, inspire and enliven visitors. It curates exhibitions alongside related educational programming.

Since 2004, Guide by Cell has been the nation’s leading provider of effective and affordable mobile engagement solutions to thousands of cultural institutions in more than 20 countries.

We offer institutions the ability to engage visitors and patients through mobile audio guides and smartphone tours, automated and direct text messaging to create an interactive and rich visitor experience. Create mobile tours or apps using our platform, store content like videos, photos and text on mobile sites, and even convert visitors to donors with our mobile fundraising platform. And use our mobile giving services to raise substantial donations to fund ongoing programs.

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