Thursday 26 Nov 2015


What We Do

Your audience is mobile – literally and figuratively. You need to engage them when they want, where they want, using their own mobile device that is connected to the internet – their phone. We help you do that easily and effectively.
Our business is to provide you with everything needed to interact with your audience through their mobile phone. Your audience might include visitors, employees, patrons, donors, customers or attendees.
Once you sign up for our service, we provide you with simple-to-use technologies to begin engaging with your audience. These technologies might include phone, feedback and audio recording phone lines, or short codes for text messaging, templates to launch mobile websites and more. Our web-based step-by-step easy process means you can launch whatever mobile experience you desire in under one hour!

Our Primary Services

Cell Phone Audio Guides

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Text Messaging

Our Text Messaging platform makes it easy to start a… Read more

Mobile Websites

Years ago, not every organization thought they needed… Read more

Mobile Fundraising

Give by Cell is the largest approved service… Read more

How You Would Use Our Services

Educate, Inform, Train

People want to learn, but on their own terms… Read more

Fundraise or Collect Money

We service over 1,000 non-profits with mobile services…Read more

Create Interaction and Fun

People love to interact, and using tests and quizzes… Read more


People are more mobile today than ever before…Read more

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